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Financial Navigator Jim Lawless diligently researches available investments away from the rollercoaster stock market. A current offering is a one year, 5% solution that pays you monthly. 

One example would be a $100,000 investment with annual returns of $5,000, which would provide you with over $415 monthly income.

Economic Background
Inflation has averaged 2 to 4% over the last 400+ years. This is the reason that a can of Pepsi increases in price, exclusive of tax, each year. For example, if the can of Pepsi was a dollar last year, this year it might be the same or $1.05 and next year a $1.05 or $1.10. If your income or investments do not increase at least as much as inflation… then your purchasing power (e.g., your ability to purchase the Pepsi at last year’s price), goes down. Stated another way, it takes more dollars to purchase that can of Pepsi.

Scenario #1: $1,000 invested for 1 year at 5% yields $50.
This exceeds our assumed 3% inflation and leaves us with 2%. HOORAY! But we still have to satisfy the Tax Collector. If we are in the average 20% bracket, then 1% of your gain goes to Taxes and that leaves 1% for a Real Gain. This means we are ahead of the game. WHEW!

Scenario #2: The $1,000, invested in a 1 year CD, at 1% yields $10.
This means if our assumed inflation is still 3%, which means we have a +1% and a -3% equaling -2% in purchasing power plus Taxes on the original 1% (assuming the same 20% income bracket), we have to add the -0.2% for a decrease in purchasing power of 2.2%. We are behind the Power Curve this year and next year it is going to get worse!
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